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Daytime Degree Programs: Department of Psychology at University of Mount Olive

Program Description

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to provide students with a rigorous scientific and theoretical exploration in various areas of psychology including clinical psychology, learning theory, development, neuroscience, social interactions, cognition, statistics, and research methods. The faculty is committed to providing a quality education for all of our majors, whether they intend to attend graduate school or enter the workforce.

Options for Psychology Majors

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology with exposure to various aspects of psychology:

Research Laboratory

The Psychology Department has completed construction of a new, state-of-the-art research laboratory. The laboratory houses a student computer lab, a testing room for human participants, an observation room where behavioral observations can be conducted, a waiting room for parents or participants, and a conference area specific for the Psychology Department. This research laboratory provides facilities for students working under the supervision of the faculty, either on their own projects through the Research Internship program or assisting faculty on faculty research through the Research Assistantship.

Internships of Interest

A unique aspect of the Department of Psychology at University of Mount Olive is the requirement that a psychology major complete an internship prior to graduation. For those interested in a career in counseling, we offer a clinical/counseling internship that allows students to work on site at various institutions in the area such as Cherry Hospital, Neuse Correctional Facility, and the O’Berry Center, to name a few. For those students who are interested in research, the department also offers a research internship during which students design, conduct, analyze and present their own research project.

Opportunities for Student Involvement

The Psi Chi chapter, the International Honor Society in Psychology, organizes student activities such as APA Writing and graduate school workshops, the annual “Love” lecture, and community service projects, such as Pavlov’s Pups for Hugs and participation in Habitat for Humanity. Membership in the chapter serves as recognition of student accomplishments as there are GPA requirements for membership.

The Psychology Department is also proud to offer students membership in the Psychology Club. This club is open to all students of University of Mount Olive who are interested in Psychology. Like Psi Chi, members of the Psychology Club organize community service projects such as Toys for Tots, canned food drives, and the NC Walk for Autism.

What Our Graduates Are Doing Now

Graduates from University of Mount Olive with a degree in psychology have been accepted to graduate programs at schools including:

  • East Carolina University
  • University of Kent (England)
  • University of Florida
  • Northern Michigan University
  • University of Wyoming

Graduates entering the workforce are in the areas of psychological counseling, school counseling, public information, personnel development and training, law and law enforcement, rehabilitation services, social services, and community relations.

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