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Daytime Degree Programs: Department of Mathematics at University of Mount Olive

Program Description

Mathematics at University of Mount Olive is an exciting, varied, and always evolving area. We offer a variety of courses that cover both theoretical and applied mathematics, including the fundamental subjects of the discipline. Our dedicated faculty is readily available to students who would like additional help with their studies. Mathematics graduates often choose a career in education, but many others go on to graduate school and other professional fields.

Options for Mathematics Majors

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Math Education
  • Minor in Mathematics

Opportunities Within the Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department strives to provide students with a unique educational experience.  One way we do this is by offering courses that are rarely available at the undergraduate level – specifically by way of our new “Topics” courses. Each of our “Topics” courses (Topics in Pure Mathematics and Topics in Applied Mathematics) is designed to be flexible to allow us to offer the student exposure to exciting, advanced level mathematics. The ‘topic’ of each course may change from semester to semester.

For our Topics in the Pure Mathematics course, we have taught such diverse and advanced themes as Point-Set Topology and Lie Algebra. Although many Mathematics students would not encounter such topics in their educational career until graduate school, University of Mount Olive provides our students with courses in such advanced topics, all while tailoring the course to ensure that a student at the undergraduate level can benefit and be successful.

The first time that we offered our Topics in Applied Mathematics course, we covered the Algebra of Internet search engines, with particular focus on how Google uses Mathematics to rank web pages for their search results.

What Our Graduates Are Doing Now

University of Mount Olive mathematics education majors have been very successful in finding teaching jobs soon after graduation. The mathematics majors who were interested in secondary education have also had success in finding teaching positions. Several of our mathematics graduates have gone on to graduate school, pursuing graduate degrees in such diverse areas as business, nursing, chemistry and mathematics.

Useful Resources 

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Dr. Brenda Cates

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Gerald Seaton

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Robert Watson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics