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Health and Physical Education

A Health and Physical Education degree prepares students for a career in teaching, typically in the public school setting in grades K-12.  It is also very common for a student with an interest in coaching to pursue a HPE licensure degree.  A few common concepts covered by the HPE major are:

  • Fitness & Body Composition
  • Recreation & Leisure Games
  • Individual & Duel Sports
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Biomechanics and Fundamental Movement Patterns

An undergraduate HPE degree from the University of Mount Olive prepares teachers and coaches for grades K-12.  Although much of the major’s content involves recreation, sports, and games, students seeking a Health & Physical Education degree also requires rigorous academic courses on subjects such as Physiology of Exercise, Sports Psychology, and Adapted PE.  Another aspect of the HPE degree is the methodology and field experience required of students, thus incorporating the art, as well as, the science of teaching. 

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The Recreation and Leisure Studies faculty includes individuals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their chosen field. Each has earned advanced degrees and professional certifications and has worked in their area of expertise. Professors bring real-life practical application, current events and problem solving, as well as current academic research, into the classroom offering a creative hands-on approach to learning though active participation.

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