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New Bern- General Studies

Not having a college degree can hinder your confidence levels and your prospective job opportunities. That’s why the University of Mount Olive is here to help. Offering a variety of class choices and campus locations around eastern North Carolina, our education experts are ready to help you earn your college degree, regardless of whether you started one and haven’t finished, or if you’ve never attended college before.

The University of Mount Olive’s New Bern, NC campus offers a General Studies associate degree, which is ideal for students who wish to finish their general education requirements before moving on to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

If you think you don’t have the time to commit to getting your college degree from an accredited college, University of Mount Olive will work with you to find college classes that suit your schedule. Semesters are divided into three, five-week sessions. Classes meet one night a week from 6-10 p.m. and some online classes are also available, so you’ll still be able to balance your career and family life while obtaining your General Studies associate degree in New Bern.

Get Started on Your General Studies Associate Degree

Are you ready to conquer your personal education goals? If so, University of Mount Olive is ready to help you check those off your list, and get you started on your new career track. Apply to our New Bern General Studies program online today or visit our admissions page for more information, including transcript mailing details and transfer student instructions.

Complete your General Studies associate degree today with the online and in-person course selections at University of Mount Olive’s locations in New Bern, Research Triangle Park, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Mount Olive and Washington, NC.