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Financial Aid Assistance for International Students at University of Mount Olive

International students wishing to study at the University of Mount Olive will be considered for academic scholarships based on merit and academic ability. Athletic scholarships may also be available to qualified athletes. Special talent scholarships in music and art may also be available, as well as other departmental scholarships depending on anticipated major.

International college students may choose, as an alternative to other funding, to receive funding from the University of Mount Olive to cover half of their tuition. If this option is chosen, no other academic, athletic, or need-based money will be granted.

NOTE: International students are not eligible to be considered for any federal or state financial aid programs.

Please explore the financial aid package options below to learn how to pay for college as an international student at University of Mount Olive.

UMO International Student Financial Aid Package Options

*Students are responsible for paying their first semester balance in full before receiving their I-20. Click here for the total cost of attending the University of Mount Olive as an international student without any scholarships or grants.

International students may only choose one of the two packages per academic year. Changes can be requested after the first academic year at the University of Mount Olive.

Financial Aid Packages for International Students

FA Package One

50% International Student Scholarship

FA Package Two

Combination of Scholarships & Grants

  • This package deducts 50% from the total cost of tuition at UMO.
  • Students are responsible for HALF of the tuition of attending UMO. Students are responsible for paying this amount in FULL before receiving their I-20.
  • Resident students who are eligible for the 50% tuition discount are also eligible for a $3,000 grant to offset the cost of room and board.
  • Selection of this package excludes the student from any other institutional scholarships or grants provided by University of Mount Olive per academic year.
  • Students who have a US-converted GPA of 2.5 are automatically considered for this scholarship.

*Cost of attendance at University of Mount Olive slightly increases every year.

  • This package consists of a “combination” of available grants, academic, music, and athletic scholarships that are deducted from the total cost of attending University of Mount Olive.
  • Students are automatically considered for all eligible scholarships/grants once they have been accepted.

Scholarship Options

Academic Scholarships
Students may only receive one academic scholarship. These are based on high school GPA and evidence of academic promise. They include:

  • Leaders Scholarship: $3,000 annually
  • Merit Scholarship: $4,000 annually
  • Presidential Scholarship: $6,000 annually

Residency Scholarship
Offers $1,200 (for any student receiving an Academic Scholarship residing on campus) annually.

Music Scholarships
Require an audition. They include:

  • Chamber Choir, Free Spirit & Concert Choir: Amount varies
  • Instrumental Groups: Amount varies

Art Scholarships
Must be an Art Major and have portfolio reviewed. Amount varies.

Athletic Scholarships
Amount varies.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at for any questions regarding these two financial aid packages.

Alternative Ways to Pay for College as an International Student at the University of Mount Olive
If you are considering financial aid options for your studies in the United States, you may consider an alternative loan through a variety of lenders. Lenders offering loans to international students require that the student have a cosigner who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at for information on lenders that offer loan options for international students.

For more information about financial aid services at the University of Mount Olive:

Visit Financial Aid Overview Page

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