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Become an Honors Student at University of Mount Olive

The Honors Program at the University of Mount Olive offers eligible students the opportunity to enhance their learning experience through additional opportunities in and outside of the classroom. The program is designed to enhance the students’ liberal arts experience.

Honors Program Admittance and Continuation Criteria

While the typical University of Mount Olive honors student has a high school GPA of at least 3.75 and a minimum SAT of 1150 or ACT of 25, all students who have fewer than 45 semester hours of academic credit may apply for admittance into the Honors Program.

Once admitted into the Honors Program, all honors students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 semester hours each academic year
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.20 (3.00 if a freshman) at the end of each academic year
  • Actively participate in the Honors Program and community
  • Register for and successfully complete (i.e. earn a C or better) at least one honors course each academic semester
  • Earn a 3.00 GPA or greater in honors courses taken each academic year

Honors Program Curriculum

Freshman Year: Cultural Foundations

HON 111 (3 sh) Great Ideas
An exploration of the liberal arts responses to the perennial questions of being, including major Western philosophic, religious and scientific discourse. Satisfies GER for ENG 111.

HON 112 (3 sh) Great Works
An intensive study of the canonical works of literature that have shaped Western culture, including critical analysis and research components. Satisfies GER for ENG 112.

Sophomore Year: American Perspectives: Becoming a Better Citizen

HON 211 (3 sh) State & Regional Issues
This interdisciplinary course includes in-depth exploration and intensive research on state and regional issues. Satisfies a GER requirement for Social/Behavior Science.

HON 212 (3 sh) National Issues
This interdisciplinary course includes in-depth exploration and intensive research on issues facing America. Satisfies a GER for Perspectives.

Junior Year: International Perspectives: Becoming a Citizen of the World

HON 311 (3 sh) The Global Community
This interdisciplinary course includes in-depth exploration and intensive research on issues facing the Global Community. Satisfies GER for History/Social Studies (HIS 200).

HON 312 (3 sh) Travel Abroad
This course involves classroom study, reading, lectures, and site visits. Past travel sites have included Croatia, Greece, Peru, Athens, Rome and London. 

Senior Year: Capstone

HON 411 (3 sh) Senior Reflections
This course will facilitate the development of our students’ lifelong learning experiences with particular emphasis on the connections between their chosen vocation/career and the ways in which MOC has played a part in their decisions.

HON 412 (3 sh) Senior Project
This course is designed for students to develop a project of special interest or service. Students may work individually or in groups. An oral presentation will be required.

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Have additional questions about our Honors Program? Interested in taking honors classes at University of Mount Olive? Please email Dr. Brenda Cates to get started.

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