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Student Disability Support at University of Mount Olive

The University of Mount Olive is committed to providing inclusive academic and campus programs to college students with documented disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations.

The Disability Services Coordinator assists the University in meeting the needs of students with disabilities through facilitating the coordination of service delivery to these students, maintaining records and documentation, and developing the program among students, faculty, and administration.


How to Register with University of Mount Olive Disability Services

1. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator to disclose your circumstances and needs:

Disability Services Coordinator
109 Henderson Building
634 Henderson Street
Mt. Olive, NC 28365

Phone: 919-658-7750
Fax: 919-658-7674

2. Provide written documentation regarding your disability from a medical doctor or other health care/service provider and complete the registration packet below:

Download Disability Services Registration Form  

3. Documentation will be reviewed by the Disability Services Coordinator and discussed during the intake consultation with the Disability Services Coordinator to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

4. You will meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to arrange communication with other parties (instructors, administrators, etc.) as appropriate. It is YOUR responsibility as a student to request accommodations each term — or, if enrolled in an evening program, each course.

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