Online Virtual Campus Programs: B.S. in Criminal Justice & Criminology

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Now exclusively online—University of Mount Olive offers adult students the most flexible and convenient way to finish their degree.  The new online Criminal Justice and Criminology program offers professionals the opportunity to enhance their careers through study, analysis and research in a variety of criminological issues both domestic and international.

Professors incorporate practical experience into the online classroom for meaningful career development in criminal justice, or related fields, as well as to prepare graduates for legal and graduate-level study. Students are able to develop valuable expertise  in which they may utilize immediately in their everyday lives— all with the flexibility to earn a degree while balancing a busy schedule.

Upon completion of the online Criminal Justice degree, Mount Olive students will have knowledge of:

  • Constitutional Law & Criminal Procedure
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
  • Law Enforcement
  • Court Systems and Process
  • Punishment and Corrections
  • Victimology and Advocacy
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Sociological and Criminological Theories
  • Research Methods and Quantitative Reasoning


Our online coursework emphasizes research skills, communication, ethical behavior, and a keen ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Through the entire online learning process you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • 100% Virtual Campus: Courses are delivered online and can be taken anytime, anywhere
  • Generous Transfer Credit Policy: Transfer credits are evaluated on an individual basis (up to 94 semester hours toward the 126-credit hours baccalaureate requirement)
  • Small Class Size: Every student will receive individual attention
  • Affordable tuition: $410 per credit hour, employer tuition assistance programs accommodated and financial aid available to those that qualify


Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have transferable college-level coursework. Have questions?  Contact Joe Reynoso, online admission counselor, anytime at (919) 263-4089 or by e-mail at


We will prepare you for an exciting career as you apply knowledge of industry trends as well as leadership, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills in whatever field you choose:

  • Police Officer
  • FBI Special Agent
  • Private Investigator
  • Victim-Witness Advocate
  • ….and many more career opportunities!


Contact your admissions counselor at (919) 263-4089 with questions or for assistance.

  1. Complete a free online application
  2. Provide transcripts
  3. Email or fax copies of unofficial transcripts (919) 882-8302 to expedite the admissions process
  4. Submit high school or GED transcripts if less than 24 transferable college credits have been earned

Request official transcripts to be sent directly from the awarding institution to:

                      MOC – Online Admissions

                      Attention: Jo Keebaugh

                      634 Henderson Street

                      Mount Olive, NC 28365

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.  Employer tuition assistance programs can be accommodated. Complete the FAFSA at using the school code 002949.


CRJ 305 Criminal Justice Seminar (3sh)

This course is an introduction to MOC’s online Criminal Justice and Criminology degree program, the use of educational technology for course delivery and communication, APA style writing, Standard English basics required for CJC majors and other resources needed for CJC student success.

CRJ 380 Criminal Law (3sh)

This online course provides an examination of criminal law. Topics will include the history, legal theory and purpose of laws as interpreted and applied with the federal and state criminal justice systems.

CRJ 371 Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure (3sh)

This online course focuses on constitutional powers and individual rights as they pertain to criminal procedure in context of police, courts and correctional processes. Civil rights and individual liberties will be discussed.

CRJ 313 Juvenile Justice (3sh)

This online course is a study of the history and development of the concept of delinquency, the nature and extent of delinquency, legal issues related to delinquency and public policy initiatives in the field of juvenile justice.

CRJ 365 Advanced Law Enforcement (3sh)

This online course is an analysis of structures, methods and operations of law enforcement agencies in a democratic society.

CRJ 376 Court Systems and Processes (3sh)

This online course is an examination of the American court system, criminal law and the litigation process. Special emphasis will be placed on the court structure, court procedure and the presentation of evidence.

CRJ 350 Advanced Corrections (3sh)

This online course is a study of historical and contemporary developments, functions and effectiveness of institutional and community corrections.

CRJ 413 Criminal Justice Administration (3sh)

This online criminal justice course is a study of the management of modern law enforcement, correctional and court agencies, utilizing contemporary research on topics such as labor relations, computer utilization, research and planning and evaluation.

CRJ 330 Victimology (3 sh)

This online course focuses on victims and the process, etiology and consequences of victimization with special attention paid to the types of victims, theories of victimization, and the treatment of victims within the criminal justice system. It includes examination of the role of victims in crime, their decisions to report crimes and help prosecute offenders, victim assistance, and victim compensation.

CRJ 311 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (3sh)

This online course focuses on international perspectives in criminal justice policy and procedures that includes analysis of criminal justice systems in other countries and cultures.

SOC 410 Social Theory (3sh)

This online course is a critical examination of sociological thought that includes an in-depth review of structural-functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interaction, exchange theory and postmodernism.

CRJ 475 Theories of Crime and Delinquency (3sh)

This online course is a study of explanations of crime and delinquency, with an emphasis on the logic of the scientific method.

CRJ 385 Drugs, Crime, and Social Control (3sh)

This online course is a study of the historical development of the drug trade in America and its impact on family, education, and the criminal justice community.

CRJ 325 Terrorism and Homeland Security (3sh)

This online course is an examination of domestic and international terrorism with emphasis on understanding threats to citizens of the United States and the responses of govern-mental agencies to terrorism.

CRJ 400 Research Methodology (3sh)

This online course is a study of empirical research principles including hypothesis formation, research design, sampling techniques, data collection and data analysis with applications for project thesis.

CRJ 300 Statistics (3sh)

This online course is a study of statistical methods to define research, analyze, evaluate and solve problems encountered in the workplace. Topics include identifying and measuring objectives, collecting data and working with significance levels.

CAPSTONE COURSE CRJ 498 Senior Research Project (3sh)

This is a capstone course required of all online criminal justice majors that includes a structured research project concerning a criminal justice issue or problem, a literature review and data collection. Prerequisites: All CJC Core Courses (CRJ 380, CRJ 371, 313,365, 376, 350, 413, 335, 311, SOC 410, CRJ 475, 385, 325, 400, 300).