Free Will Baptist Historical Collection

Mission Statement

The Free Will Baptist Historical Collection is a cooperative enterprise of the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists and the University of Mount Olive.  Its mission is to preserve the history and to perpetuate the faith, work, and heritage of the Church, which both the Convention and the University represent.

In preserving the history, the goal of the Collection is to acquire, organize, and preserve historical source materials related to Free Will Baptists and related denominations, including but not restricted to: manuscripts, personal papers of denominational personages, published and unpublished writings, minutes, treatises, photographs, pamphlets, bulletins, films, tapes, electronic media, and memorabilia.

In perpetuating the history, faith and work of Free Will Baptists, the Collection provides for and assists in on-site use of its resources for review, study and research; arranges for displays at appropriate times and places; sponsors or provides lectures, seminars and workshops; makes feasible the appropriate reproduction of selected items; and encourages and sponsors research and the writing of papers and publications related to the history, faith, work and heritage of Free Will Baptists and related church bodies.

A repository of over 15,000 items of denominational history, University archives and memorabilia is housed separately in the Free Will Baptist Historical Collection in the library. A majority of these items are cataloged and bibliographic access is available through the online catalog of the Moye Library. The Collection is open to the public for research. Research inquiries will be answered but the staff can provide only limited research responses. Researchers should contact the library before making plans for research visits to assure availability of information and staff assistance.

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For more information, contact Gary Barefoot , curator of the Free Will Baptist Historical Collection.  Please consult the Policy for Duplication and Usage for more information about how to obtain copies of items in the Collection.

Early Institutions of Higher Education:
Free Will Baptist Theological Seminary at Ayden (1898-1925) and Eureka College (1925-1929)

Listing of Free Will Baptist Theological Seminary and Eureka College Students -  Names from available catalogs of both institutions.  A complete set is not available.

Origins of the University of Mount Olive

Elegy to a Country Church Yard: Bygone Buildings of Free Will Baptist Churches - Exhibit featuring pictures of early Free Will Baptist churches

Cape Fear Conference Minutes 1855-1974

Western Conference Minutes 1916-1939

Life History of Rev. John H. Ballard

Searchable Databases:

Map of Free Will Baptist Churches

Search for Church Histories, Photographs, and Information Files

Moye Library Online Catalog

Free Will Baptist Publications:

The Free Will Baptist

The Myrtle  July 4, 1868. Vol. 24 No. 7

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